The International Childhood Cardiovascular Cohorts Consortium


The International Childhood Cardiovascular Cohorts (i3C) Consortium includes seven cohorts in the United States, Australia and Finland. Since the 1970s the cohorts have collected data on cardiovascular risk factors in childhood and have followed participants into midlife.  As participants are entering their 50s and early 60s, this consortium represents a unique opportunity to explore the association of childhood risk factors with adult cardiovascular events.

i3C Zoom webinar – “Recent Findings from the i3C Consortium on Association of Childhood Risk Factors with Adult Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease” initially broadcast on Sunday 18Oct (US & Europe) / Mon 19 Oct (Australia) available to watch here: i3C Webinar

 Terry Dwyer, Professorial Fellow at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and recently Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Oxford, chair of the i3C consortium since its inception in 2009, opens the webinar with an introduction.  This is followed by presentations on the first prospective evidence on the direct effect of childhood risk factors on adult cardiovascular disease from investigators from the i3C consortium – Dr David Jacobs, Dr Elaine Urbina, Dr Joel Nuotio, Dr Tomi Laitinen, Dr Julia Steinberger.

 The webinar is concluded by John Deanfield, Professor of Cardiology, University College London, who gives his perspective on what this evidence contributes to our understanding.  Professor Deanfield has worked as a Consultant in Cardiology at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH)  and is currently  Professor of Cardiology at University College London (UCL) and honorary Professor of Cardiology at GOSH and Barts Heart Centre, London.  His major research interest is the lifetime management of atherosclerosis risk with an emphasis on early intervention and prevention.

 Note:  For viewing only – as some groups are in the process of paper submission and publication, please refrain from quoting or disseminating the data or slide contents at this stage.

We look forward to sharing these outcomes in due time and please send any questions for the speakers to



Most of our publications have appeared in major general medicine (e.g., NEJM), cardiovascular (e.g., Circulation, JACC, JAHA, European Heart Journal, Hypertension) and pediatric (e.g., Pediatrics, Lancet Child & Adolescent Health) journals.